Condo loans can be financed with standard terms as long as they are warrantable.  Many condo associations are on pre-approved lists with VA, FHA, and conventional.  If they aren’t then it is critical to get a condo questionnaire filled out and submitted to your lender to see if it is warrantable.  Warrantable basically means that it can have standard financing and generally means that the association is running the condo properly, with adequate reserves for repairs, is not in a lawsuit, and is at least 50% owner occupied or 2nd homes.  When a complex is mostly investment property, in a major lawsuit, or under capitalized it is non-warrantable.  Skyridge Lending does make non-warrantable condo loans but they usually require more money down, have higher interest rates, and/or higher closing costs.  It is important that you find out why it is non-warrantable and are comfortable with the reasons as this could affect future value and re-sale value if the condo is being mismanaged or in a lawsuit that has negative consequences on the condo dues, etc. Click here to compare options.